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Vergalito Computer Graphic Design, LLC

862-251-3612 |

Over 20 Years Of Experience In The Graphic Design Industry


Increasing sales with an e-commerce website or corporate branding to give a cohesive look to stand out to new customers. We have solutions to meet your needs

Competitive Pricing

Specialized pricing places us ahead of our competition. A simple formula for keeping design costs down so you get more out of your advertising budget

Skilled Designers

20 years of experience in the graphic design industry. We have worked on every size project and will use that extensive knowledge to leverage your business

Customer Service

From the beginning you will see the difference—professional client service relationship, project management, prompt communication responses, and quality control

Unparallel Quality

Leading the way in high-impact, high-performance computer graphic design services. Special attention to detail ensures no delays—when every second counts


There is no disappearing act happening here. We plan to be in this for the long haul and we want to be there for you too. The right partner for success